Only $55 To Sign Up

With one of the lowest start-up costs in the business, LipSense lets you focus on building your business rather than charging you a fortune to sign up!

Discounts Ranging From 20-50%

With the opportunity to make 50% profit on all sales, LipSense is super profitable! Sign up to get the products you love at a great discount, provide amazing products to friends and family, or build a makeup empire!

Build A Team For Unlimited Income

Should you want to grow your business, build a team! Sign up others who are cuckoo for LipSense, help them start their own business and receive commissions based on their sales! Earn CRAZY money as your team grows! 

Jump Start Program

During your first 30 days as a LipSense distributor, receive a BETTER discount! Receive $600 of LipSense/SeneGence products for only $300. Sell and make $300, or stock your own makeup bag! In addition, receive FREE products when you have success selling in your first 90 days!

Did You Know?

The Makeup and SkinCare market is worth $550bllion+

The market is growing 6.4% annually and is projected to reach $675billion by 2020.

LipSense currently sells more than the top 5 drugstore lipstick brands combined

LipSense sells more lipstick than Wet N Wild, Revlon, CoverGirl, L'Oreal and Maybelline.

LipSense is projected to grow for the next 10 years

We are currently in the "momentum" stage of a direct sales company. More millionaires are born in this stage than any other!

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